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Do you want to enhance the appearance of your steel wheels while protecting them from external influences? Then Kuglo's wheel covers are the perfect solution for you! You always receive 4 pieces (1 set).

These high-quality hubcaps are made of 100% environmentally conscious recycled plastic and are produced in the EU. They are impact-resistant, shock-resistant, frost-resistant, and protect your wheels and tire valves from corrosion in winter. The use of the wheel covers also prevents the rim from being scratched. Additionally, they are car wash safe and can be easily mounted without tools.

The wheel covers are available in sizes 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 inches, as well as in black and silver colors. In addition to the visual enhancement, the decorative covers also provide functional benefits by protecting your steel rims from dust, dirt, and scratches while also preserving your tire valves from damage.

Our wheel covers were developed in Germany and produced directly in Europe in compliance with the highest quality and environmental standards. You can be sure to receive a quality product with excellent workmanship.

Mounting the wheel covers is child's play. You do not need advanced knowledge or special tools. Beforehand, clean the steel wheels roughly with a brush and make sure not to inhale the brake dust. Now place the cap with the recess on the valve and press it on from there. Repeat this for the other three wheels and enjoy the new look!

Give your car a new look with Kuglo's hubcaps and do so with a clear conscience!

Kuglo hubcaps Delta silver or black 4 pieces
Kuglo hubcaps Delta silver or black 4 pieces Sale price€25,00